Predatory misleading biased website scholarlyoa

Concept of predatory/ probable predatory journals by website:


The concept of predatory journal is also not valid and the website www. gives the fake/bogus information about many journals which are really very good. This website has given a fake/bogus and biased list of various good journal and says that the list belongs to predatory journal/publisher. You can find the information about this fake/bogus blog at: researchgate. You cannot judge a journal and if a person says that a journal is fake, it is also incorrect. The journal can be fake if it does not have ISSN and the publisher does not give his/her address from where the journal is being operated. Also until someone provide substantial evidences against the journal only then a journal be fake or predatory. This website is definitely a biased website and the authors are advised not to give any attention to this website. This website is lowering down the repo of various very good journals as it is being run by someone related to a particular company. This website says that the journals are not predatory or good which are indexed by a particular company. Does it mean that in this world there is only one company that can decide the fate of a journal and if other journals that are very good but not indexed by this particular company are predatory. Researchers should see whether the journal publish research articles and checks the plagiarism, whether the journal has ISSN, whether it has been indexed in various databases like Google Scholar or not.  They can check Google Scholar i10 and H indices. There is simple relationship e.g. if the article of a journal is cited for example 25 time, it means the article is original and does not have any plagiarism related issue only then it would have been cited. Such journal definitely will be good and not fake or predatory. You can call this website a scam against various good journals just to demoralize them so that they loose their name and fame.


Secondly, this blog has included almost all paid journals in its list. It says that paid journals earns money and they work just for money not for quality and their publishing time is short. On the other hand you can see free journals also earn millions of dollars as their articles are not open access and all are paid. Why can’t they make their articles open access if they are blaming the open access publishers. Many renowned publisher indexed in Scopus and Thomson reuters also have published Plagiarized articles.


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